Courage and connection

in conservation



/verb :

to progress from dissonance to consonance

/noun  :

a firm determination to do something



Igniting transformative change

at the intersection of human experience and the environment.

We offer tailored approaches to

addressing environmental and conservation justice

through organizational culture change.

OUR process

Organizational change


Imaginal Progression

OUR COMMitment

Connection is our purpose.  Empowerment is our passion. 

Opportunity.  Equality.  Connection.

At Resolve Conservation we see the injustices people face due to their skin color, gender identities and immigration status.

We vow to keep continue addressing these systemic iniquities,

and to fight these wrongs with every tool that we have.

We celebrate our differences and we actively seek to elevate and center

different cultural, racial and gender identities because we recognize and respect their value.

We do this from a place of imperfection and humility as we know we still have a lot to learn,

and acknowledge that we will never understand how others experience life and injustice in this world.   

Link to our internal commitment to justice, inclusion, equity and diversity.

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