The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians (ECBI) and Resolve are  actively working to prevent the spread of animal diseases.


Resolve created a road map for creation and implementation of a multidivisional animal disease traceability (ADT) program that aims to protect human, livestock and wildlife health inside the reservation with internal regulatory conditions, external partnerships and funding opportunities.  ADT program creation and implementation will  result in active monitoring of animal movements to protect people, wildlife and livestock inside EBCI territory.

Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation

and Animal Disease Traceability

Southern Resident Orca and a decentralized internet

Southern Resident Orca are critically endangered.   Organizations in the Pacific Northwest have been using citizen science data to gather information on this unique group and although groups collaborate, there was a need for easier access and distribution of the data among different types of entities.

Resolve is currently partnered with TypeHuman, OrcaSound and Orca Network to build a platform for citizen science groups to collect, store and share science ready data. Having a data commons with science ready data allows organizations of all sizes and types to aggregate their data to effectively reduce duplication of efforts while increasing their knowledge, improving their decision making process and negotiating better policies to protect the species that they care about.


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coyotes as our neighbors

Coyotes are becoming more and more prevalent in urban areas.  Resolve is working with Western Carolina University to better understand carnivore distribution in these urbanized areas, and people’s attitudes towards them.


We will survey two urbanized areas to understand if access to wildlife coexistence education has an effect on the way people perceive wild canids in their area and how they react to encounters.


Understanding the effect of education on people’s perceptions and behaviors will inform resource allocation as we see more and more coyotes and other wild animals adapt to living closely with humans.

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Adaptive Conservation by Design

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