In our rapidly changing world, the people of an organization

are the ones that can fuel adaptation and change.

We provide tools to navigate complex challenges, through personalized approaches

that prioritize HUMAN connection, resiliency, sustainability, and progress.


Intro to adaptive leadership

and systems thinking

Short ½ or 1 day workshops where participants are introduced to basic concepts of adaptive leadership or systems thinking around a current organizational problem.


Through action learning and experiential methodologies, participants get an overview of available tools that can affect real and profound change.



2-5 day workshops where participants take a deeper look at how their mental models are maintaining the structures that frame organizational challenges and are a barrier to positive change.


Through action learning, participants diagnose the challenge and seek adaptive paths forward.

experiential workshops

Intensive week long, off site programs where participants internalize the concepts of adaptive leadership with their peers, while experimenting with problem solving tools.


Participants experience meaningful personal and professional growth and shifting personal mindsets, producing resilient and flexible strategies to improve organizational practices.

Anyone can lead meaningful transformations

from anywhere, at any time.    


Maria started her career as a Wildlife Veterinarian but she soon realized that conservation challenges are human challenges.  Maria uses Adaptive Leadership, Systems Thinking, and Group Relations to help conservation organizations work through critical and complex issues through growth and adaptation.  Maria created and implemented the first wildlife leadership program in the state of North Carolina and has facilitated workshops with the National Association of Conservation Law Enforcement Chiefs and the International Conservation Chiefs Academy among others. Through her work, Maria continues her life long journey to learn, teach, and create purposeful human connections. 

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