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Anyone can manage a project, but we go BEYOND the CHECKLIST.

Our expertise in project management gets our foot in the door,

but its our close  CONNECTION with clients and our Steadfast belief in the importance of respecting Cultures that make us INDISPENSABLE.  


So how does this work?

We start everything with a conversation.

We know that organizations are nothing without the hard work, passion,

and vision of the people who work there. By talking to our clients, we not only start to understand the scope of the project, but we learn the backstory so that our deliverables are tailored, timely, and inclusive of the many diverse voices that create a narrative.

From there, we establish project scope,

objectives, resources, timeline, key deliverables, and risks. But beyond the paper trail,

we pride ourselves on our unique ability to flex outside the confines of the project

to really get at the - present or anticipated - needs of our clients.



Strategic communications

The goal is to empower and equip our clients to engage meaningfully with their constituents and communities on a range of issues from the straightforward to the complex. 


Our vast experience in both internal and external strategic communications at the local, state, and federal government-levels and in both the private sector and Academia, affords us the versatility to deliver the best on time and on budget. From the basic - presentation materials, press releases, e-communications, talking points, and memoranda - to the heavy hitters - roadmaps, strategic plans, and policy papers, Resolve has a tool for that.


And not only do we provide content, Resolve also boasts in-house branding and graphic design expertise so you can have your cake and eat it too!


While we can scale to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients, we can also just keep it simple.


Our background in government, conservation, Academia, and the private sector affords us a unique skill set

when it comes to writing to include white papers; academic and scientific journal articles; social media posts,

blogs, and other web content; inter/intra office correspondence; federal/state/local government policy documents;

copywriting; ghostwriting; and editing services, among others.


And beyond the blinking cursor, we also offer writing and other executive coaching services

specifically tailored to customer needs.

Resolve is committed to devising solutions that are sustainable, ethical, holistic, and in lock-step with client priorities.

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