OUR growing TEAM


Maria and I have over 20 years of experience in ecology, policy, biology, advertising, fundraising, writing, educating, collaborating and are well versed in the skills that come along

with years of research, academia and wildlife management work. 

Together with our team members, we are able to provide the expertise to address even

the most complex conservation challenges.

Want proof? Check out our LinkedIn profiles to see CV’s, publications, degrees…


But here’s the thing: 


Just like you, your organization, and your community, we are more than the sum of our parts. 

We are more than our resumes, more than our education, more than our skill sets. 

We are doers, dreamers, explorers, mentors, moms, friends, and outdoors women. 

We’ve lived, studied, worked and traveled all over the world and we know

that our personal narratives inform every step we take, so we listen. 

We want to hear your story.  We want to learn about you. We want to team up with you.

We want to change the world - with YOU.   

So come CONNECT with us - tell us about you, your vision, your challenges, and let’s create a new narrative - together.

Graise D. Lee Jenni

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Maria Baron Palamar

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Jennifer C. Greanias

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Gabriela N. Barón

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Jennifer Steele Mumm

Nick Byrne

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Ashton Drew

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Hortense Serret

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K. Gregg Elliott

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Amanda Woomer

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Aimee Rockhill

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Neha Savant

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Amy HyunAh Pak

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